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GDPR is sometimes seen as a complex problem for businesses to manage.

Whilst this may be true, GDPR is designed to keep your business and the data you hold safe, manageable and accountable.

We have simplified the complexity for your business. You can easily assess your current GDPR picture, see how you compare with your peers and manage your improvements.

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We value our businesses, the information we hold and the people that make it all possible. That is why we must be serious about the security of the tools that we use and the information that makes the business operate.

With DISAM we have developed a platform to help you understand your security levels and controls and how to improve. All the while reducing the technical and complex to help you improve and be aware.

Let us help you get control today!

The safety of clients and customers is vital for the hospitality industry that is why we were asked to simplify the controls they hotel, restaurant and café businesses need to stay open and manage their operations safely.

We worked closely with experts within the industry and known standards to develop a way for the sector to manage their safety and those of their suppliers, clients and customers.

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