Our services

Assessmentbuild the current picture of your business

Benchmark – understand your current picture against the sector

Improve – select the most cost effective controls to become more resilient

Learning – increase the awareness and knowledge of your people

Our Business Approach

We work to deliver the products based upon the requirements of the client and our approach is key to this delivery methodology. We use our approach as a continuous client and project development process.


to enhance the business relationship and to develop a full understanding of the needs


visualize the client needs collaboratively to design the service requirements


Work to a defined project scope and plan ensuring we have the products effectivelly prepared


map and execute the service requirements against Key Performance Indicators


examine the results of the implementation against the requirements for full quality assurance

Our Company

Isuna is a solution-based company working with data-rich and innovative clients. We provide services to identify threats and to build resilience to data and technology problems. We consult on compliance and regulation whilst providing training to enhance knowledge and awareness of company resources.


Our Skillsets

Isuna is a team of specialist and trained professionals with over 20 years of experience in producing results through the use of digital solutions. Our experts are client- and project-focused, working to deliver high-quality services. We aim to provide all products in a trustworthy and transparent manner.

Digital Transformation

Developing and implementing system and data innovations for business

Building Resilience and Maturity

Assessing core business strengths and weaknesses with remediation strategies

Increasing Awareness within your Human Capital

Increasing cognitive awareness of your staff against your biggest needs

Information and Technical Training

Establishing technical and knowledge-based learning for businesses to mitigate threats

Our Clients

Isuna has employees that have a proven track record of supporting clients in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and other countries worldwide. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to the needs of our clients, which include law enforcement, governmental, commercial and financial institutions.

We aim to establish long-term business relationships with clients in order to ensure longevity of solutions provided by Isuna.

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