Simple,  secure digital solutions for a complex regulated world

In a heavily regulated world, complience and resilience are now not only essential, it often is mandatory. Isuna provides a one-stop platform that simplifies implementing regulations and standards. With a step by step process that everyone in your company can follow, you will save time and get a real-time overview of your company’s maturity levels.

Our products


Whether it is the ISO2700
series, COBIT, DNB, Cyber Essentials or another standard, our tried and tested Cyber Compliance platform unifies all the main standards



We simplify the complex regulation.
Assess your data privacy maturity and management needs by using a step by step process on our platform.



To help your business stay open and build trust with your customers, use our platform to assess, improve and report on your Covid-19 complience.


Problem solution fit

Managing complience can be overwhelming and time consuming. Through research and feedback we resolved our clients common challanges.

  • Managing compliance can be overwhelming
  • Reduced jargon and simplified structure
  • Less friction and more effective engagement
  • Evidencing requirements effectively is challenging
  • Upload evidence, assess risks and see the value
  • Use the results to aid decision making
  • Regulations seem expensive and need consultants
  • Empower you with critical knowledge
  • Save money by articulating your needs
  • Complex regulation take a lot of time and effort
  • A one-stop Platform for your tooling needs
  • Saves time and effort for users
  • Sharing experiences and knowledge is discouraged
  • Communicate with your peers to seek or provide help
  • Build a community to share and lessen tasks
  • Meeting new actions require more knowledge and effort
  • Keep progress of your maturity needs and tasks
  • Manage resources and actions effectively

Our trusted partners and clients


“Isuna provides a one-stop-shop platform that supports customers in implementing regulations and standards. With a step-by-step process that everyone in a company can follow, customers save time and get a real-time overview of their maturity levels. NEN quickly saw the potential of the Isuna Platform and how the model can be used for multiple standards and regulations. Together with Isuna, NEN sees opportunities for growth by combining forces and expertise on the basis of mutual interests and complementary activities.”

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