Food Safety Compliance and Resilience

including Covid-19

The safety of clients and customers is vital for the hospitality industry that is why we were asked to simplify the controls they hotel, restaurant and café businesses need to stay open and manage their operations safely.

We worked closely with experts within the industry and known standards to develop a way for the sector to manage their safety and those of their suppliers, clients and customers.

Gold Certificate Badge

The Trust mark that shows you are fully compliant and implemented all of the Covid-19 controls.

  • All bronze & silver benefits +
  • Get your on-site compliance checks from a trusted local business
  • Be awarded you Gold Certificate Badge for your hard work
  • Market your achievement to build trust and gain business


309,- €

Silver Certificate Badge

Implement your controls and improve your resilience.


  • All bronze benefits +
  • Get a remote online digital review of your measures
  • See how you compare to the sector
  • Print reports and project manage your compliance


159,- €

Bronze Certificate Badge

Complete your first assessment and reduce the risk of Covid-19.


  • Complete the easy checklist system
  • Upload photos to evidence controls
  • Manage your results on the dashboard


59,- €

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