Digital Information Security Assessment and Measurement


Assessing the type of standard your business needs can be quite complex. Wether it’s the ISO2700 series, COBIT, DNB, Cyber Essentials or another standard, eventually you have to choose a standard that suits your business.

Our tried and tested DISAM platform unifies all the main standards so you to don’t have to choose. Instead of just one standard, you can now define your cyber security maturity and manage your needs in one location. The platform empowers users by providing logical tools and simplifying the process with an open and easy to understand steps.

Some of the amazing things you can do is evidence your complience, compare your results and communicate with peers and other businesses in the sector.





Onboarding support and trainingThree hoursTwo hoursOne hour
Access to Personal Dashboard

Access to DISAM Assessment Tool

Create Maturity Reports

Access to the online community

Access to the Knowledge Center

Use of a ready made products from your peers

Access to Improvements Area

Access to the Project Management Tools

Risk assess your needs and controls

Quick, visual overview of Project Tasks

€4 000

+ €150

per month per user*

€3 500

+ €100

per month per user*

€2 500

+ €50

per month per user*

* Fixed price per user. Contact us for a fit that suits your business needs.

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