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About Isuna

From our experience in data privacy and sectors we found that businesses and clients were tired of the fear-based approach and being locked into agreements. This stopped them from comparing and finding better solutions. They also did not feel empowered with knowledge to make the right decision that would help them the most.

Previously, companies would try to meet compliance themselves, with great difficulty, taking time and adding cost. The alternative was to hire consultants, locking them into certain solutions or ways of working. Again at a cost and a one time solution. Because the complex world of regulations and standards are constantly changing, this turned out to not be the ideal solution.

In challanging times we need to be able to work quickly, with confidence and with trust. That is why our transparent and community based approach will save you money and time.

Isuna gives your company the tools to make the right decisions that help you the most. We are here to improve the way businesses manage regulatory complience. We are bringing the power of digital transformtion to the world of regulatory.

Our products


Whether it is the ISO2700
series, COBIT, DNB, Cyber Essentials or another standard, our tried and tested DISAM platform unifies all the main standards



We simplify the complex regulation.
Assess your data privacy maturity and management needs by using a step by step process on our platform.



To help your business stay open and build trust with your customers, use our platform to assess, improve and report on your Covid-19 complience.


Meet the team

Ammi Virk

Vadim Lazuko

Ronja Bruijns

We adapt to you

Isuna works to agile sprint based approach. You can jump right in and subscribe to a product or contact us so that we can adapt our platform to your business needs.
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