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At Isuna we want to show you that the client needs are the value we bring. But to do this, we sometimes need to talk about us. This post is about our approach and the Platform we have developed to help businesses meet their regulatory compliance needs.

We are about being agile and always learning. We are constantly seeking feedback, iterate fast, and deliver quality. This comes from years of experience in working in demanding, complex and fast-moving areas.

Also, we listen. Before the Isuna Platform was even a twinkle, we researched the regulation sector and complexity issues through and through. That is why we chose to start with data privacy and cybersecurity: areas that we are experienced in and ones that feedback showed, was in desperate need of a new approach.

Our Platform allows people and companies to:
– Assess their current proposition
– Identify their Maturity levels and benchmark this across the sector
– Mange and evidence their controls / improvements
– Share and learn from experience and knowledge through the Forum and Knowledge Center
– And more…

Follow us and reach out to see what we could do for you –

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