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We setup Isuna so that we could help people and companies with their compliance and resilience needs – that is why our digital platform could help you! There are two elements that are really important for us, the people and what we can do to help. The world of regulations forgets that the complexity and technical details can leave people stressed or scared.

Our approach is of positivity, raising awareness and to challenge the current autocratic operations. We want our clients, moreover their people, to feel that cyber security or whichever regulation they are working towards can be made simple and manageable. We want companies and their people to communicate, to help each other and above all save money in building resilience or compliance.

How did we get here? We did lots research and then we kept testing. By talking directly to the market, we know that we can provide the tools needed. One that empowers the users with knowledge, understanding and control of their current and future maturity levels.

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